How to Quit/Stop our bad habit


Article by Sankar Prasad Adhikary – How to Quit/Stop our bad habit.

How to stop our bad habit such as massive mobile engagement in social platform, mobile games, smoking, excessive talk, over thinking, excessive tension, watching TV, Laziness etc.

Being human every person has their own bad habit, sometimes it comes unknowingly & sometimes it comes knowingly. But after certain period we realize that we are in unnecessary wasting our time along with our true potential. Such habit directly affects our health too.

Everyone is willing to quit with their bad habits and trying daily to overcome. But is it possible to quite easily? No.

Let’s focus how we are trying to quit our bad habits:

First Group: From day 01 we think suddenly all stop at a once, we will not think or discuss never. But what happen, we continuously thinking about that and resist ourselves not to being thinking. Pretending ourselves by one stop will surely fall in again same habit within week.

Second Group: Daily we think to stop from next day and it goes on. Never come next day as it repeats and points to next day

99% people are belonging to those groups, isn’t?

Let’s focus few steps to overcome with bad habit:

1)     We must accept about our bad habit. We must accept that this habit is not good for me, my family and society.

2)     For sure we will not suppress any habit. We will discuss openly about this within own.

3)     We will not try to quit so quickly we will take timeframe say 30/60days depend on addiction.

4)     Will take seriously to release from bad habit with permission of mind and must prepare mindset.

5)     We will not stop this habit in one shot rather we will slow the uses or frequency of using habit.

6)     Will set daily routine say evening 6-7 Pm I will free for that habit. So that our mindset will not divert, and you can focus on your important things.

If we follow the rules and act accordingly then our mind will feel free and we will still in super focus and thus habit can’t divert our mind.

PS: I will write one article in every week with my own experiences.

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